Goluza hd juin 2012 recadré md.jpg


Atelier d’Étude Créative pour l’Objet, le Meuble et l’Espace

.Frédéric Sicard is a furniture & interior designer ,  graduated top honors  from Ecole Boulle and Les Arts Décoratifs de Paris.
After a decade of collaboration with Christian Liaigre and Andrée Putman, then partnership with Tristan Auer till 2009,
he leads his own workshop AECOME since 2005 to design a perfectly adjusted work with passion. His high style projects always transcribes a unique and luxury image as well as the French creative «savoir-faire».

AECOME is sensitive to the “genius of places” which generates an exceptional, sophisticated and moving universe, without ever imposing a decor

Many thanks to photographers Hervé Goluza, Didier Delmas, Jerome Galland

Also many thanks to my team of faithful collaborators and craftsmen without whom the ideas do not take shape thanks to the intelligence of the hand





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