Resolutely modern and eclectic in his approach, the style of the projects always knows how to leave a place for the history of the place and the aspirations of its clients, who like to work with the idea of custom made as for a Haute couture dress. Unique spaces for unique people…

The Team Capabilities

The workshop  is located in Paris and proceeds with the study of project using computer generated images (AutoCAD, Photoshop…) as well as traditional drawings methods.

Eclecticism, luxury details and refinement remain the key words when it comes to creating entire universes for its prestigious clients worldwide

The search for materials and the care given to details and finishes holds an important place in the design process.

3  people comprise the heart of the multidisciplinary office. In addition Frédéric Sicard collaborate regularly with outside professionals, architects, stylists, draftsmen, landscape designers, engineers as well as a group of artisans who are masters of their disciplines.

This networking and partnership with an adaptable team brings to each project the best that each has to offer. The team as a result can together realize the different phases of a creative project.

The different missions

Artistic Direction for interior design and architecture

Interior design          /  full or partial mission

Decoration              / full or partial mission

Furniture design     / full mission including manufacture control

Art & Antique

AECOME curates unique art and styling collections tailored to each project, with narratives that deepen and reinforce the project and place’s identity.

We commission local and international artists to create the most stunning and unexpected artworks, under our artistic direction.

We guarantee the highest quality of service by managing the entire process from conception through production,
including sourcing, purchasing, shipping, and installation.

We source artwork across the full spectrum of media : painting, drawing, wall sculpture, monumental sculpture, on-site performance art…

Frederic Sicard ’s team  compose creative and distinctive styling layouts, from lobby table displays to library curation.

FF&E (accessories)  /  personnal shopper with client to finalise your projects.